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DMGRS is a dedicated supplier of MG-Rover parts and solutions. We offer a competitive price point and often great solutions to items that are no longer available.

Our business has traditionally focussed on the MG ZT/Rover 75 aspect of the market but is branching out due to demand by owners into ZR/25, ZS/45 and TF/F parts.

The business was founded by Mathew Price in 2013 and was taken over by Scott Biddlecombe in 2019 with Mat staying as part of the face of the business.

Scott is a well known figure within the MGR community having saved the only MK2 Biomorphic Green MG ZS Saloon produced by MG Rover from the scrap heap ( Literally !) His car was recently featured in an issue of the MG Car Club Magazine, Safety Fast.

We hope that as many owners as possible can benefit from our offerings to the market and if anyone has any enquiries please contact