Nick Farrant: Rover 25 Sei Mk 2

My name is Nick and I am now 23 years old, I have always had an interest in MG Rover cars as I have grown up with my dad and other family members owning the MG Rover range. I have now owned/been driving the car for just over 4 years and it has now covered 37k miles. I have loved every minute of driving/cleaning and generally owning the car. It’s my daily driver and has been to many car shows and events, I have taken it on holiday and it’s been all over the UK, and other than general maintenance and one new head gasket. It’s never let me down once! I still try to keep it in best condition as possible considering it’s my daily driver, it gets washed weekly whatever the weather! (My neighbors think I am completely mad!) When it comes to car shows it gets cleaned, polished, waxed etc.! In the last few years I have added a few extra subtle modifications that I believe enhance the car and it’s looks. I always said if I was to do anything to modify the car from original specification it would have to be totally reversible, as I didn’t want to ruin the originality from factory too much. The idea is it would be OEM+, enhanced but not ruined by the modifications. Nicks Rover 25 was 1 of 4 cars displayed on the clubs first stand at the Lancaster Insurance Classic Car Show with Discovery in November 2018.