Jamie Mcgee Mg 3 Mk 1

I got my MG3, (MiG as he's known), in November of 2014. My previous car was no more so was in need of a new one. I had already been doing research on the MG3 since its release the previous year. Originally I was going to spec up a brand new 14 plate but this 3 arrived at the dealership at 7.2k with all the bells and whistles on it minus leather seats. If I'd gone for an equivalent 14 plate it would of come to 10-11k I've had 7 fun years so far with this car with currently 141k on the clock. To my knowledge from various groups it's the highest mileage of an MG3 in the country which Lodge Hill garage find useful as they use mine as a benchmark for other customers! Most of this mileage is attributed to trips to Ireland and back, one one such trip I did Kerry in the west to Dublin and back again in a day to meet up with some fellow athletes of a sport I do. This sport is the other reason for the high mileage on home soil! The cars proven to be a tough little car so far considering its mileage, it was only at 92k there was an issue with the gearbox and at 110k ball bearings in the passengers front wheel, which goes to show that's these new "Chinese" MGs are proving to be better built than people give credit for. Other than that the cars given me no issues, fun to drive in the corners, really fun on Ireland's roads! Also has a nice growl to it when you get going. I've driven the New MG3 as well and so long as the eco mode is turned off I'd say there's no difference between the 2 cars. Eco mode on however there is a definite difference in power. Since ownership I've regularly attended the cowley convoy for BMC and BL day, such as this coming Sunday in Gaydon! (However no convoy itself this year due to covid), With a couple of times in the past leading the convoy. And also been along to other meets such as POL, FWD register and MG south east.