Alex Clark: Mg Zr 105 Mk2

I bought the car just before my 16th birthday with the intention of restoring it and getting it the way I wanted it before I learned to drive. I was after a ZR 105 in either Firefrost red or Ignition blue in good condition, this proved rather difficult to find. But this car came up for sale relatively local to me in Firefrost, with low miles and boasting the plus spec. I went to view the car in the rain (which was a mistake) as when I picked the car up it was in much worse condition than it looked when I had previously agreed to buy. But it was completely original with only 37,000 miles. I later found out that it had been sat for about a year prior to me buying it. For the first year of my ownership I started to Improve the condition of the car, I had the dents removed, the bumpers and rear arched sprayed and I fitted the refurbished 11s, replaced all bits of broken interior trim and got the car looking really clean as well as getting it mechanically sound. Next I started to make the car my own and get it looking the way I always wanted it too. First I went through three sets of full leather seats until I found a set in perfect condition. I also fitted a Janspeed oval exhaust which I then swapped out for a janspeed twin exit cat-back exhaust. I then fitted a ITG Maxogen Induction kit (which transformed the car). And at this point I also learnt to drive in the car. And got to take it to some great shows. And really show it off. Most recently I have fitted ABC rear lights and probably the biggest change of all, Gaz Coilovers, which for some has probably made it a bit too modified. The car is now just shy of 50,000 miles and looking better than I ever intended. I have met some great people through owning it and have thoroughly enjoyed using the car, it has been a great first car! I have recently put it in storage to be used for shows and when it's sunny. I don’t have anything planned for it at the moment but sure this will soon change. I don’t think I will ever be able to sell this car, I’ve become too attached.